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Promise for the New Year

As we enter a new year it’s a good time to think about the things you have thought about doing but just haven’t gotten around to.  A New Year’s resolution is a promise a person makes for the new year, with the goal being to improve life in the coming year.  I jokingly announced to my Rock Steady class recently that my New Year’s resolution was to “care less and drink more”.  That got a good chuckle from me, so in my mind the joke was a success.  When my laughter stopped, finally, the class then got a chance to speak their resolutions for the new year.

Turns out, people with Parkinson’s hope and dream just like the rest of us.  There were mentions of losing weight, traveling to a new destination, reading more, being a better Christian, stopping a bad habit, getting that new car.  You see, we all find hope in the promise of a better year.

For me personally, I dream of standing on top of Mt. Everest this May.  I’ve bought in to this promise and am willing to work extremely hard physically to accomplish the task.  Beginning this Monday, I’ll share with you what this entails.  Another dream I have for this year is to rediscover the precious relationship I have had with my Lord and Savior in earlier times in my life.  That too takes discipline.  Actually, a lot of it.  The world tends to get in the way in every way.

I’m not sure what resolution you have chosen for the coming year, but I can tell you without reservation, that life is better when you are physically active and when you are spiritually active.  Those two things are precious to our existence.  I invite you to join our Ascent for a Cure challenge.  There will be programming for really fit people and also for those that are not so fit.  This will be hard, but I’ll be doing this right along with you, so no complaining!

For the spiritual part of this, just stay close to this Parkinson’s program and these wonderful people who fight the disease every day.  The Spirit is present and working wonders!

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