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Taking The First Step

In recent months, the world has been navigating its way through COVID-19; a journey that no one anticipated. Our lives have been greatly impacted by this change. Many have experienced the unimaginable, while others have faced illness, job loss, cancellation of plans and disruption of daily routine. In addition, we have had to adopt a new way of life through social distancing and the strict adherence to safety precautions. Our hearts have been with our community at large and with our Parkinson’s family. As you know, we found a way to remain connected, offer support and continue our mission to raise awareness and provide for the local Parkinson’s community with our meal delivery service from local restaurants.

As the community slowly begins to reopen safely, we are all taking small steps to return to daily life. Our Parkinson’s family has returned on Tuesdays and Thursdays to their weekly Rock Steady Boxing classes at Anderson Health and Fitness Center. We applaud their dedication and their courage.

Ascent For A Cure is also looking to the future. We are excited to be taking the first steps to return to our goal of reaching new heights for Parkinson’s Disease. With the help of our sponsors, we will fulfill our commitment to complete our first ‘ascent’ of the year, A GoTrek® Guided Climb with Adam Hodges on Mt. Baker in Washington with travel provided by Meridian Regional Airport. Congratulations to Davin Mancini for the winning bid and thank you for supporting Ascent For A Cure. What’s more? These climbers will also be taking on Mt. Shuksan while in Washington. We hope you’ll join us for this adventure and follow along on social media. T

ell us what your first steps will be as we all restart our lives! Wherever these first steps may lead you, just know that we are rooting for you!

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